Support for Businesses, Organizations & Climate Change Initiatives

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Do you need a loan to expand your current project or business or start a new one?


Are you a homeowner or individual working on a project that helps address climate change and adapt to its effects?


Green Loans

We encourage you to apply for financing if your business, organization, or project involves:

Local food and sustainable agriculture

Waste reduction, reuse and recycling

Fossil fuel free transportation

Clean technology and renewable energy

Energy retrofits and water conservation

Approved applicants receive business development guidance, financing and ongoing support.

Interest charged, repayment schedules and amortization periods vary from case to case.

Climate Action Loans

We offer Climate Action Loans to homeowners and individuals for equipment that helps address climate change and adapt to its effects. Currently we are offering loans up to $7,000 from 3.5% interest for the following:

  • Water storage tanks to store water in winter for use in the summer drought season.
  • Air source heat pumps to save energy and lower heating costs.
  • Solar PV systems to reduce electricity bills and generate local renewable energy.
  • Home EV charging stations to switch from fossil fuel vehicles to climate-friendly electric vehicles. These loans are made possible by the loan pool established with TSSEC by the Salt Spring Island EV Owners Group.
  • E-bikes and other equipment. Let us know what you need.


Loans will be issued to qualified applicants on a first-come basis until funds run out.

Please Note: 

Installation of heat pumps, solar PV, and EV charging stations require permits and the services of an electrician or certified installer. 

The CRD has regulations regarding the installation of water storage tanks and some water storage systems require a building permit. 

More information: 

Transition Salt Spring has information about sourcing and installing these types of equipment and from time to time, in partnership with others, they offer rebates. Check their website at: