Coast Alive Recreational and Ecological Services

Coast Alive Recreational and Ecological Services was founded on Salt Spring in 2006.  It is an environmental business that offers a variety of outdoor services that help property owners or land stewards maintain and enjoy a healthy and natural landscape in a low-impact way.  The services include invasive plant control, wildlife habitat enhancement, ecosystem restoration and research, wildfire risk reduction, and recreational services such as trail building and campsite construction.

A primary principle of Coast Alive is to avoid gasoline tools and large vehicles when that is an option. This TSSEC supported project has allowed the business to purchase a powerful electric bike conversion kit which is used to commute to many job sites, when necessary towing a trailer to carry tools and resulting in financial, ecological and social benefits. .  This project is an example to people in other trades such as gardening or landscaping that this business model is a viable alternative.  

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