New Electric Vehicle Charger Loan Pool Established

Looking to install an EV charger at your home or business?  Financing at low interest rates is now available through Green Loans Salt Spring, with the support of the Electric Vehicle group and Transition Salt Spring.

The Saltspring EV group realized that their fundraising surplus could be put to good use as loans to owners who wish to install or upgrade their EV charging systems.  Discussions with Green Loans Salt Spring led to the creation of a dedicated loan pool in their portfolio of loan opportunities.  Using a simple application process (  EV owners can now apply for a low interest loan, covering up to half of the installed cost of the charger.

The Electric Vehicle group was started in 2013 by Peter Lamb, Andrew Haigh and Jim Standen and it now has 10 devoted volunteers. It is affiliated with Transition Salt Spring.  The group has sponsored educational events, Webinars, ZOOM sessions, Christmas Decorate Cars (aligned with Light Up Ganges) and a host of other activities. Visit www.SSIEV.CA for information and possible funding sources.

Green Loans Salt Spring (Transition Salt Spring Enterprise Cooperative) has, for the past 11 years, supported local projects and businesses with loans from its 100+ members.  Its Climate Action Loan pool also offers low interest loans up to $7,000 to individuals for heat exchangers, water tanks, new wood stoves, and other improvements that address climate change issues and reduce our carbon footprint. For information about applying for a loan or becoming a member, please see

“It’s great to see groups like Green Loans Salt Spring and Transition Salt Spring’s EV Group working together to make the move to electric vehicles easier”, said Bryan Young, Transition Salt Spring Chair.  “This is exactly the kind of collaboration we need across our community to take action to reduce emissions 50% by 2030 and prepare Salt Spring for the dramatic changes to our climate that are already underway.”

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