Salt Spring Sea Salt

Salt Spring Sea Salt’s  mission is to introduce fleur de sel and become the industry leader for the product in this part of the world.  Fleur de sel is a specialty salt at the high end of the gourmet salt market. Salt Spring Sea Salt harvests and evaporates local sea water to prepare, sift, pack and label fleur de sel by hand.  The company is jointly owned by Philippe Marill and his wife Carolyn Kvajic and states on its website “All recipes are Philippe’s culinary concoctions, inspired by his French background in the South of France”.   Rosemary Garlic, Blackberry and Beer-infused are 3 of the special fleur de sel available.

This local firm works with island growers to use organic products in some of its production.  It has a working relation with its neighbouring hatchery aquaculture operation to source clean filtered and tested seawater.  Organic, regular-grade sea salt that is produced as a byproduct is supplied to a local organic bakery, replacing off-island non-organic salt.  Salt Spring Sea Salt can be found at many retail stores on Salt Spring including Nature Works, Country Grocer and Love my Kitchen.  

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